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    Be a change catalyst for businesses to inspire solutions for the common good !

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  • 10 Principles of frugal innovation

    1. Focus on available, affordable and accessible resources

    2. Find new ways to add value to existing resources

    3. Understanding the problem is important, feeling it is better

    4. If you are sure about something, challenge it

    5. Embrace constraints to generate new solutions

    6. Combine knowledge and perspectives from two or more domains

    7. Focus on responsible value creation, not extraction

    8. Identify opportunities for co-creation

    9. Strive for simplicity

    10. Test, Transform, Thrive

  • Download the Frugal Strategy Canvas

    A one page template to ask yourself important questions for developing a "frugal value chain" to innovating with your ecosystem by leveraging constraints and answering unmet needs !

  • Innovation Tarot - Mindset behind the method for solving problems !

    The "Innovation Tarot" is a problem solving deck to facilitate collective intelligence and group discussions by asking powerful & "facilitative questions" to answer all questions in the face of uncertainty and constraints.

    The method has been inspired from various approaches and synthesize complexe mental models through simple questions.

    It can be used for self-coaching, for innovation and design thinking workshops for co-dev and in various ways as described here!

  • Our offerings

    Conference & workshops

    Training, coaching & consulting

    Build Innovation Communities of Practice

    1 day workshops for creating awareness around "frugal innovation" and responsible innovation for innovating creatively with constraints "the indian way" ! Inspiration from regenerative dialogue, Art of Hosting, Theory U, Adaptive governance, and innovation methodologies.


    Customized E-learning in SCORM format

    Get in touch if you want a 1 hour introductory course on frugal innovation in ENG/ FR personalised for your industry . This course can be useful in bringing about awareness for achieveing the 9th SDG for building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation. This course is equally useful for companies trying to put in place an agile culture at scale.

    Open innovation

    Europe - India network

    We help companies, startups, universities and NGOs leverage the power of open innovation to access knowledge and resources through our partner network in Europe and India for joint initiatives.

  • Media

    Reference in the media

    A podcast in french on frugal innovation

    Podcast sur Innovecteursur les principes de l'innovation frugale et +

    Resilient cities

    An interview on frugal and resilient cities in French & German

    A 2 day online event on frugal innovation

    Organized by Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

    Jugaad - the Indian concept inspiring France

    Coverage on DW international German Channel

    Les grandes entreprises touchées par « l’innovation frugale »

    Gazette de la Défense covering the first Frugal Innovation Day

    Innover pour réconcilier économie et écologie

    A roundtable organized by Expertise France on Frugal Innovation with other experts

    Le « jugaad » : comment innover avec des ressources limitées

    An article in French News Paper les Echos

    Utopias of sharing life, caring community in Paris

    An article in DNAINDIA by Prof. Gupta and has visit to Paris

  • Resources

    Latest online resources

    Medium publications

    Latest ramblings on innovation & creativity

    Online community for sharing resources around frugal innovation. 

    Frugal Innovation channel with talks with experts in diverse fields

  • Our web of partners

    We've got a top notch team!

    Grassroot network

    Spreading word about grassroot innovations pioneere by Prof. Anil Gupta

    Future Lab

    Marc is a futurist & detects weak signals from the future

    Sustainability Lab

    Santa shares her challenge model for being the change!

    Ideation platform

    Ideation box platform for collecting ideas from everyone

    Plateform for identifying social innovations

    Association Innovation Citoyenne et Développement Durable

    Consulting in sustainable finance

    Assists financial institutions in their journey towards sustainable finance


    Think and Do Tank

    Sustaining impact projects

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